We received the following emails from Jean Roberts:

06/28/12 – Julie, as you know, we were coming to the picnic on Sunday, but wanted to let you and all the Family and Drivers know that Wayne was injured in a truck/train accident on Monday. He does not have life threatening injuries. He has five broken ribs and a very small slit in his left lung. He is doing really well and may possibly be home on Friday. Would you please pass this on to his friends on Sunday?
His phone number is 956-844-8628.
Our address: 1200 N. 10th Ave., Lot #56, Clear Lake, IA 50428.
Thanks, Wayne & Jean Roberts.

7/3/12 – I wanted to let you all know that Wayne is doing very well after his accident. We got him out of the hospital on Friday afternoon. We went to the doctor this morning and he is doing really well. His vitals are how they want them and his lung is healing on its own. It will be a long time getting his ribs healed up so he has no pain, but Wayne is a fighter.
If you would like to send a card our address is: 1200 N. 10th Ave., Lot #56, Clear Lake, IA 50428